How To Get Rid Of Roaches With Home Remedies

Roaches are hideous creatures that can grow to over 2 inches long and can quickly render your otherwise great home not so welcoming. While some people keep them as pets, most find them revolting, and although you would rather spend your weekend doing fun activities, you may need to take time to get rid of … Read more

Does Lysol Kill Roaches?

For many generations, roaches have been a source of stress and frustration to humans. These resilient pests can survive on nearly everything, including animal flesh and cardboard. So, how do you handle these annoying, unsightly insects? Apart from the fact that cockroaches like to hide in dark, unfrequented places, the fact that they have also … Read more

How To Get Rid of Roaches In Car

It is one thing to deal with roaches at home and another when they invade your car, considering cars are sacred to some people. Nobody wants to drive in a cockroach-infested car because they make your vehicle unsanitary and annoying, so you ought to know how to get rid of roaches in car. The warmth, … Read more

Why Am I Seeing Big Roaches All Of A Sudden?

Cockroaches are generally annoying, but it is worse when the big roaches suddenly start roaming your house. With around 30 roach species commonly associated with human habitats, seeing them in different sizes is unsurprising. The sudden appearance of large roaches may be due to several reasons, including changes in weather, increased humidity, nearby construction activities, … Read more

Do Dead Cockroaches Attract Other Cockroaches?

Seeing dead cockroaches can be pretty satisfying since these repulsing pests can make your living spaces unpleasant. It is natural to want to kill roaches when you see them, whether it is by hitting them with your shoe or other objects or using a homemade cockroach killer. However, what’s weird is you may see live … Read more

Best Homemade Cockroach Killer

Effectiveness is a priority when choosing the most appropriate pest control method for the annoying bugs in your home, like roaches. However, most people today also mind the presence of toxic chemicals, especially with kids and pets around, which is why homemade cockroach killer is gaining popularity. Homemade roach killers can be highly effective against … Read more

Why Do I See More Roaches After Bombing?

When cockroaches invade your home, you will understandably do almost anything to get rid of them because these ugly critters are highly unsanitary and spread diseases. Cockroach repellents and killers range from homemade to commercial treatments such as bombing. You may perceive cockroach bombs as an easy and quick solution against roaches but keep in … Read more

Does Baking Soda Kill Roaches?

Baking soda is an essential component in many gardening DIY hacks, such as testing soil PH, cleaning pots and bird baths, and killing bugs. You may have heard people attest that baking soda is an effective roach killer and wonder if that’s true. This post provides answers to things to know about baking soda as … Read more

How To Know If Roaches Are In Walls

Do you hear strange scratching sounds coming from your walls at night? Or maybe you’ve noticed a foul, musty odor lingering in the air? If you’re experiencing any of these unsettling signs, it’s possible that you have a not-so-welcome guest in your home: cockroaches. To determine if there are roaches in walls, look for common … Read more

Borax for Roaches: Simple Recipes to Kill Roaches

Generally, commercial insecticides effectively eliminate roaches fast, helping you create a roach-free home. However, most people today prefer to stay away from chemicals since they can harm living organisms and the environment. Many homeowners resort to natural substances, including borax. Cockroaches are highly adaptable and resilient to different environments and can develop tolerance to some … Read more