Why Do I See More Roaches After Bombing?

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When cockroaches invade your home, you will understandably do almost anything to get rid of them because these ugly critters are highly unsanitary and spread diseases. Cockroach repellents and killers range from homemade to commercial treatments such as bombing.

You may perceive cockroach bombs as an easy and quick solution against roaches but keep in mind that they contain toxic pesticides. Also, the possibility of bombing not working is something you must consider.

 If you’re wondering, “Why do I see more roaches after bombing?”

When a roach bomb is used, it releases insecticides that cause roaches to scatter and seek refuge in different areas, including previously hidden or inaccessible places. As a result, you may see an increase in visible roach activity immediately after bombing. It takes time for the insecticides to take full effect and eliminate the population.

This post digs deeper in this. So, stick around to learn more.

Why Do I See More Roaches After Bombing?

why do i see more roaches after bombing


Seeing more roaches after using cockroach bombs isn’t uncommon. This can happen because bombing can temporarily disrupt the normal roach behavior, causing them to scatter and move around more than usual.

When you expose cockroaches to bug bombs, they initially attempt to escape the area by crawling out of their hiding spots.

This disruption to their everyday behavior will make them more visible, creating the perception that you have more cockroaches than before.

In addition, if bombing disrupts the roaches’ hiding places, they will move to other parts of your home where you didn’t apply bug bombs.

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Therefore, seeing roaches in these new places may have you thinking there’s an increase in the cockroach population in your home.

Bug bombs will kill some roaches, but some will likely survive the bombing and thus continue breeding. Therefore, maintaining or even increasing the roach population.

While seeing more roaches after the bombing can be unsettling, it doesn’t mean the treatment isn’t working. The truth is bug bombs can take time to take full effect, and additional treatments may be necessary to eliminate the infestation.

Furthermore, some roaches may have died in their hiding spots, keeping their bodies hidden in return.

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What Should You Do If You See Roaches After Using Foggers?

Seeing cockroaches after applying foggers can indicate different things, including indicating severe infestation and wrong application. Take the steps below if that happens.

1. Give The Treatment More Time

Foggers do not work instantly. The insecticide found inside a flogger settles on surfaces and kills cockroaches after a couple of hours of physical contact.

Typically, most foggers need a minimum of 2 to 4 hours to kill roaches, so you must give the treatment time to act.

The time foggers take to kill cockroaches can vary based on several factors. These include the room size, the roach population size, the fogger product’s effectiveness, and the amount of fogger a cockroach consumes.

Leave the room closed after using the fogger to let the fogger penetrate the area and kill the roaches.

Before trying a different treatment, give the fogger more time to act on the cockroaches.

2. Repeat The Treatment

You may need to reapply the fogger if the initial application does not eliminate the cockroach population. Remember that the correct fogger application directly influences the treatment’s effectiveness, so adhere to the instructions.

Also, cover all the areas of your home to ensure the insecticide gets to all the roaches.

Before applying a fogger treatment, open all your drawers and cabinets and move around all your appliances to ensure the fogger particles reach even the most hidden spots.

In addition, make sure the roaches do not have other hidden spots they can move to for safety after applying the fogger.

Moreover, before applying another shot of fogger, remove the already dead roaches and make sure you don’t have roach eggs lying around.

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Furthermore, you must follow safety precautions because foggers can be hazardous. These safety precautions are:

  1. Read and follow the product’s instructions carefully.
  2. Make sure everyone, including pets, is out of the area you want to treat. Also, ensure the space is well-ventilated.
  3. Cover or remove any exposed food, dishes, and utensils.
  4. Turn off air conditioners, fans, and ignition sources, such as stoves and heaters.
  5. Avoid using the fogger in confined spaces, such as a closet or small room, where the insecticide concentration can be higher.
  6. Wear protective clothing, including gloves, long sleeves, and pants, to prevent direct contact with the insecticide.
  7. Wash your hands using running water and soap after using the fogger.
  8. Store the fogger in a dry, cool area, keeping it away from heat and ignition sources.
  9. Dispose of the empty fogger canisters properly, following the instructions on the product.


Taking these safety precautions seriously is important because foggers can be hazardous to humans and pets if not used properly, potentially causing harm.

3. Combine The Fogger With An Insecticide Spray

Combining fogging with a suitable insecticide will help increase the treatment’s effectiveness and offer a comprehensive roach control method.

Foggers release an insecticide mist that can reach into crevices and cracks where roaches may be hiding. However, they have limited penetration and may not reach all the infested areas.

On the other hand, insecticide sprays can be more targeted, so you can directly spray the infested areas, providing a more thorough coverage and killing any roaches that the fogger may have missed.

Do Roach Bombs Actually Work?

do roach bombs actually work


Yes, Roach bombs or foggers, can effectively control a cockroach infestation. These aerosol insecticides kill cockroaches and other crawling insects by releasing a mist or fog of insecticide into the air.

The efficacy of foggers can vary depending on the infestation severity and the insecticide used.

In addition, their effectiveness depends on your ability to apply the product correctly. For example, if you fail to seal off the treated area properly, the insecticide mist may escape, reducing its effectiveness.

Moreover, roach bombs may not effectively kill cockroach eggs or nymphs; hence they can continue hatching and developing into adult roaches, leading to a re-infestation.

Therefore, it would be best to use additional methods, such as baits and sprays, to eliminate all stages of the roach life cycle.


You should not automatically assume that the cockroach bombs failed if you see roaches after application because this treatment takes time to be effective.

Correct application is vital when fogging, and once you kill the roaches with bug bombs, seal entry points and keep your home clean to keep them from returning.

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