Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Mice Away?

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When it comes to repelling mice, there are plenty of suggestions that people swear to work. Some of the mouse repellents include peppermint oil, vinegar, mothballs, cinnamon, ammonia, and citronella.

In addition, some people claim that Irish spring soap keeps mice away, while others say it does not.

With conflicting opinions, asking the question, does Irish spring soap keep mice away? is understandable.

Generally, mice have high sensitivity to smell, so some scents are enough to keep them off your property and house.

For this reason, let’s find out whether Irish spring soap is an effective mouse repellent.

Does Irish Spring Soap Keep Mice Away?

does irish spring soap keep mice away

While some people swear that Irish spring soap helped them eliminate mice from their homes, the truth is it has minimal impact on these rodents.

The notion that Irish spring soap can deter mice stems from the fact that mice cannot stand strong scents, including heavily scented soaps.

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Irish spring soap is a heavily scented soap that has been made by Colgate-Palmolive since 1970. It’s easily recognized through its color-bright green. Despite its name, you will not find this soap on Ireland’s store shelves.

Although the manufacturer’s recent target user is men, the Irish spring soap has been used by women and men to stay fresh and clean for many years.

The soap’s scent formula and packaging were adjusted in February 2022, but users do not like the new changes; hence Colgate-Palmolive has experienced a drastic rise in negative reviews.

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How to Repel Mice with Irish Spring

Here are some steps you can follow to use Irish Spring to repel mice:

  • Buy a few bars of Irish Spring soap.
  • Cut the bars of soap into small pieces.
  • Place the pieces of soap in areas where you have seen mice or suspect they may be entering your home.
  • Focus on areas like windowsills, doorways, and any cracks or gaps in your home’s foundation.
  • Replace the pieces of soap every few weeks or as needed.

The strong scent of Irish Spring is believed to be what repels mice. However, it’s important to note that this method may not work for every situation and may not eliminate an existing mouse infestation.

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What Happens When Mice Eat Irish Spring Soap

Irish Spring soap is not toxic to mice or other animals. If a mouse eats Irish Spring soap, it is unlikely to cause any serious harm or death to the mouse.

It’s important to note that using Irish Spring soap as a mouse repellent is intended to keep mice away from the soap, not to attract them to it.

If you notice that mice are eating the Irish spring soap, it may be a sign that they are not deterred by the scent and that you need to try other methods to get rid of them.

It is not intended to be used as a poison or a means to kill mice.

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Smell That Mice Hate

There are plenty of smells mice do not like, and you can use them to chase them out of your home. Drive away these intruders from your property using these scents.

1. Peppermint Oil

mice repellent

The minty smell of peppermint oil repels mice, so sprinkle drops of it around your house to deter these rodents.

You can also spread this substance to strategic areas using a diffuser. Alternatively, dip peppermint oil in towels, rags, or cotton balls.

Peppermint oil is ideal for deterring mice outdoors and indoors. To make peppermint oil spray, mix water with peppermint oil (about 10 to 15 drops). You can also avoid this work by buying a peppermint oilbased rodent repellent.

2. Cinnamon

It’s highly likely that you already have cinnamon in your pantry since it’s a commonly used spice with a spicy, pungent aroma. While it helps make your food delicious, mice hate its scent.

You can stash cinnamon sticks in various strategic spots, like underneath furniture, drawers, cabinets, and closets.

The cinnamon will help repel mice and also leave your house smelling good without spending money on wall plug-ins and expensive candles. Also, you can purchase an item that has real cinnamon oil.

3. Vinegar

The pungent, sour vinegar aroma is excellent in repelling various creatures, including mice. This product is likely the most potent scent, particularly in undiluted form. Place cotton balls soaked in vinegar areas mice use to go into your house.

Alternatively, spray vinegar solution (mixture of vinegar and water) in areas infested by mice and where you think these rodents will go. This is ideal for use around countertops, doors, closets, and floorboards.

4. Black Pepper

Piperine is an active ingredient in black pepper that irritates rodents like mice, so you can use it to repel them.

Sprinkling it around your home’s perimeter and in your kitchen forces these rodents to stay away from these areas.

Deter mice using ground black pepper or black pepper essential oil.

Black pepper can offer an excellent way to inhibit the duration between a minor annoyance and a complete infestation.

This substance also reduces female mice’s appetite hence lowering reproduction.

Create a more effective and pronounced defense by combining black pepper with a stronger pepper like cayenne pepper.

5. Cayenne Pepper

This pepper is more pungent compared to black pepper, but both have pepperin. This chili pepper produces a sharp, strong scent that mice hate.

In addition, rodents like mice and insects cannot stand the cayenne pepper taste. Sprinkle cayenne pepper strategically to deter mice.

6. Mint Toothpaste

Since mice cannot stand mint, utilize mint toothpaste to repel mice. Just rub it along baseboards, next to cracks, around mouse holes, and near doorways.

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7. Tea Bags

After using a tea bag to prepare tea, leave the teabags in various corners to keep off mice. The most recommended tea to use is peppermint tea.

This method is convenient and cost-effective if you drink tea regularly.

8. Dryer Sheets

Stick dryer sheets in tiny spaces mice will likely frequent, such as in cupboards, closets, and under furniture, and let the dryer sheet’s scent chase them away. Leave them for about a week or longer.

However, while dryer sheets do not cause any adverse effects when left in place longer, remember that they will lose their scent, thus losing their effectiveness.

9. Ammonia

Ammonia mirrors the urine of predators, so mice will stay away when they smell it. This product helps make your home a mice-free zone since these rodents will deem it predator friendly and hence unsafe.

You will need to reapply for the ammonia to remain effective since the scent fades away with time.

10. Clove Oil

This is another product with a scent that will repel mice. Besides repelling mice, clove oil is also beneficial for everyday home use.


Other scents that repel mice include mothballs, citronella, and ammonia.

Final remarks

Evidently, Irish spring soap is not an excellent mouse repellent, but you can employ many other effective scents to steer away rats.

Therefore, you are better off using Irish spring soap to clean yourself and pick between the scents discussed above to keep mice away from your home.

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