Does Bleach Repel Mice?

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When it comes to pesky rodents invading your home, you’re likely willing to try just about anything to keep them away. From traps to repellents, it can be a never-ending battle to keep your living space rodent-free.

But have you ever considered using bleach as a mice repellent? That’s right, the same household cleaning product you use to keep your surfaces sparkling clean may just be the solution you’ve been looking for.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the question on every homeowner’s mind: Does bleach repel mice?

Get ready to discover an unconventional method for keeping those furry intruders at bay.

Does Bleach Repel Mice?

does bleach repel mice

Yes, bleach repels mice because this substance contains a potent smell, and these rodents cannot stand strong scents.

Therefore, bleach’s unbearable smell will kick them off your home for a while. The problem is bleach does not offer a long-term solution against mice because its smell eventually dissipates.

While bleach can be a great addition to your mouse eradication arsenal, it should not be your primary weapon. You’ll have to keep reapplying it since, as mentioned above, the smell fades.

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In addition, the smell of bleach is unpleasant to humans, and the substance can be harmful to your health if you spill it on your skin or breath in the fumes.

How To Use Bleach To Keep Mice Away

You can use bleach in different ways to repel mice.

These include:

1. Spray Bleach In Areas With Mice

The most frequented areas by mice are the routes they take to find food, including pathways. Follow these steps:

  • Dilute bleach with water to neutralize the potent odor a bit.
  • Spray the bleach solution on pathways, corners, and other strategic locations.
  • Also, spray or put bleach-soaked cotton balls close to the mice’s hiding spots.

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2. Spray The Entry and Exit Points With Bleach

Spray bleach around your home’s entry and exit points like windows, doors, and even the gate. This way, the mice won’t want to enter your house because of the pungent bleach smell.

3. Put Bleach In Mice’s Favorite Food

If you intend to kill mice using bleach, then you must get them to eat this substance. Since it is implausible for them to ingest pure bleach, you will have to disguise it in what mice like to eat, such as a peanut.

  • Scoop a tablespoon of peanut butter, then mix it with a bit of bleach. Do not use too much bleach so that you do not overwhelm the treat with the chemical. The goal is getting mice to eat it.
  • Position the bait strategically- in areas mice like to hide or visit regularly

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Does Bleach Kill Mice?

does bleach repel mice

Yes, bleach can kill mice if ingested in large quantities, but considering how unpleasant it smells, it is improbable for a mouse to consume bleach.

However, in the event that it does, bleach will burn the mouse’s inner tissues, such as the esophagus.

Inhaling large amounts of bleach fumes lowers oxygen intake and causes respiratory issues. Furthermore, permanent tissue damage to the lungs, throat, eyes, and nose can also be caused by fumes.

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How Long Does Bleach Repel Mice

The length of time bleach will repel mice varies based on the solution’s concentration. If it is too diluted, the smell will not be as pungent and will disappear sooner than a solution that isn’t as diluted.

You’ll also have to repeat application more often if you use a weaker solution.

Using a stronger bleach solution seems best because it would be more effective against mice. However, the downside is that you risk damaging your surfaces and doors.

Therefore, finding a balance is the best thing to do since you will repel mice and avoid damaging your properties.

Keep the mice away by reapplying bleach every couple of days.

Does Bleach Kill Mouse Urine?

Bleach is an excellent cleaning agent that helps get rid of dirt, grime, and germs at home, including mouse urine. Cleaning mouse urine using bleach is advantageous because it eliminates the odor, sterilizes, and disinfects the area.

Bleach will kill harmful viruses and bacteria in mice’s urine and droppings.

Mice will urinate on various surfaces in your home, and you must get rid of its odor and keep your home tidy.

It’s easier to notice mouse urine on some surfaces compared to others. For instance, mice pee changes the texture and color of wood.

Do not clean mouse urine or other places tainted by mice without wearing gloves since these rodents carry diseases.

You can soak cotton balls in bleach and then use it to disinfect and clean hard surfaces and also softer surfaces like the upholstery to refresh and brighten the fabric.

What Other Cleaning Products Do Mice Hate?

Besides bleach, there are multiple other cleaning products mice hate. These include vinegar, baking soda, and ammonia.

Repel mice naturally by cleaning your home’s surfaces and floors using these substances.

Mice hate the pungent scent of vinegar and ammonia, so when they smell it, they will keep off your property.

When it comes to baking soda, the mice die after ingesting it because it causes the production of gases once it gets to the mouse’s stomach. Since mice cannot pass gas, the internal pressure from gas buildup can lead to death.

Apart from using these cleaning products to clean your home, you can use create a spray or soak cotton balls in vinegar, baking soda, or ammonia. After that, place the cotton balls strategically to repel mice.

Alternatively, spray the mixture of vinegar and water, or baking soda and water around different areas of your home.


Mice hate the smell of bleach and so will stay away if they smell it. However, despite being capable of repelling mice, bleach isn’t a sustainable mice deterrent since it will need to be reapplied regularly.

Remember, if bleach does not work, there are many other effective options including mouse traps and essential oils like peppermint oil, and cloves. Nonetheless, bleach is an excellent cleaning agent and disinfectant.

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